The name HEADS OF THE FAMILY originates from the heads of the five New York crime families and the hats once worn by their family bosses. These gangster hats are part of a private collection of organized crime artifacts covering the 20th century. To learn more about their origin please visit the ABOUT page.

Pictured are hats from Charles “Lucky” Luciano (left) and Meyer Lansky (right). Both men are considered to be the fathers of modern organized crime in the United States, founders of the Commission and have been instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate. They ended the position of Boss of Bosses and divided the underworld in New York City into the five families which still exist today: Bonanno Family, Colombo Family, Gambino Family, Genovese Family and Lucchese Family.

The objective of this website is to make part of the collection accessible for a larger public sharing the same interest. It is not my intention to glorify or romanticize organized crime or the Mafia in particular.